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We've started the fourth year, but so far we've only had one game. :D

We're FINALLY REALLY starting the elf SL. Remember, your characters won't be able to resist the elves right away. So there. :P

Oh, and Rhye made the community brujeria_chars, where the characters can post. I'm also working on a similar idea, where they can post QUOTES. ^_^ Everyone who's still in the game got an e-mail about being added as a member. You should all accept. As soon as you do, please post your character profile, as I'll never get around to make a site.

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I'm quite interested in getting involved in some online RPG that challenges my creativity. I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter books and would love to try my hand at an online game, if there's one currently going on. What can you tell me to get me started, if you're not opposed to having another player around?

Please, my creative brain's going to explode, I'm suffering from such roleplaying withdrawal. %^)