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I'm thinking of starting the next major story line pretty soon, as soon as everyone feels like RPing again. As such, I thought I should make a couple public notes about said storyline. The elves will be played by me, as well as Rhye and Dana, who will be assisting me.

1. The elves can control minds to a certain extent. They can't directly control actions or thoughts, but they can influence them very strongly. They can't completely quell suspicion, but they can drown it out in doubt, ect.

2. No one is to figure out the elves right away. Or if they do, they can't say anything to anyone else, or be listened to by the other characters also played by their mun. This is just because it really isn't fun if a villian is figured out before they're able to do anything, not because I'm trying to be a bitch.

3. No one can resist the elves' influence, unless they're in animal form (this really only applies to the animagi), and once they're human again, they forget what they figured out. Also, once the elves have been figured out by a person, they can be resisted. However, I don't want this to happen right away, because like I said, it's not fun if a villian is figured out right away. Once again, this is not me being a controlling bitch, this is just part of the elves' powers and the way they work.

Hopefully this will be fun. XD

Oh, and I'm working on the CDs. Still need to have my CD burner installed though.

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